Going, going, gone

My child is exhausting.  Seriously draining.  He spent the whole weekend in motion, going going going wherever his little hands and knees would take him.  My weekend is a blur of arms reaching out to pull Jack away from whatever he wasn’t supposed to be getting into, and he just keeps crawling midair as I lift him away.  At one point he crawled under a chair and couldn’t figure out how to get out from under it.  Diaper changes are the worst because he crawls off naked as I’m removing his soiled diaper!  He cackles as his butt swishes to and fro, making a beeline for one of the cats.  Wicket, who loves Jack and takes every opportunity to show it, just lays down in his path and lets Jack crawl over him.  The other cats run after flashing him a look of alarm.

Two full days of pitting my physical will against that of a curious 9.5 month old with newfound mobility had me near tears yesterday evening.  It was just too exhausting.  Joe was tied up with work and school, so my only reprieves came from the trip to get the baby gate, and then an outing with my friend Jenn to return it.  A baby restrained in an Ergo or carseat doesn’t have to be chased!

It will be more of the same this weekend with Joe heading out of town for a job interview.  I am hoping to fill up the time with friends to save my sanity.  Did I mention that Jack is too busy wreaking havoc to nap appropriately?  Oh yes, and he was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night.  Thankfully Joe got up with him because at that point I had only gotten 1.5 hours of sleep and was so tapped out from the weekend anyway.  I’m so lucky that I am not a single parent!

2 thoughts on “Going, going, gone”

  1. Oh my! Find a family member or friend immediately and take a break for yourself. You’ll only make things worse if you don’t.
    Even if it’s only two hours; it’s better than nothing.

    If you have a playpen, put him in that with lots of toys to spend his energy on!! Then when you can handle him crawling everywhere, let him and crawl with him to make it more fun.


  2. I would get out by myself if I could. We have no family in the area and my husband had school/work all weekend. Getting out with a friend helped, as did the return to work, though. (I remember now why I work!)

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