Grassy knoll

Joe tried to take Jack out to explore the grass on Friday.  Jack didn’t know what to think!  He kept placing a hand down to crawl and grimacing as he touched the grass.  We couldn’t help but laugh and take a picture of the look on his face, a look that says “I’m surrounded by all of this weird pokey stuff!”:


This morning we got a picture of his two front teeth, which are nearly in all the way now, and the cute outfit his aunt and uncle got for him.  Don’t you just love that double chin (and my husband’s hairy chest)?

For some reason Jack has been really picky about taking a bottle.  Could be further complications from teething, who knows?  He refused most of his bottles with Joe on Friday and only took a morning bottle at daycare today.  We’ve tried giving him a sippy cup in the past but he just chews on the spout.  I couldn’t find a non-spill straw sippy at the store this weekend, so I just bought a smaller regular sippy to try.  I’m open to hearing other ideas, as well.  I am really not sure why neither Joe nor the daycare provider has tried using a regular cup or syringe-thingy to feed him…am I the only one who worries about this stuff?  I mean, I have the boobs and he rarely refuses those, but if I didn’t have them I would be using anything I could find to try to get him to eat after 4 hours have gone by.  Am I in the minority here?

Jack is cruising now.  I can’t believe it!  I had a feeling that once he started going places he wouldn’t stop but it is just all happening so fast.  It occurred to me today that next month I’ll be working on planning his first birthday party.  !!!!  Wow.

3 thoughts on “Grassy knoll”

  1. Not just you! He must be thirsty, if not hungry.

    Sam took a bottle but the lack of control over the flow made him spit up more than normal. When he was little Will gave him milk with a syringe and now he drinks from a regular cup. I’ve offered him sippy cups and straws and he has zero interest (and doesn’t understand straws).

  2. Could be teething, or just a little phase. I know a lot of babies who take just enough to get by when away from their mothers, and then tank up when they’re home. They seem to do fine (though it’s frustrating and a little scary).

  3. It’s so funny – he wolfed down his food yesterday like there was no problem at all. Ate all of his milk plus sweet potatoes at daycare. Ah, the wims of kids! He has started biting everyone, so it must be teething!

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