What happens next?

Jack has developed stranger anxiety. It’s so strange to see my outgoing little guy shy away from people, even the people he knows but doesn’t see on a daily basis. He buries his face in my shoulder but can’t resist peaking. He will do this several times before deciding everything is fine and then he chatters away. Of course, he makes exceptions for anyone wearing shiny jewelery. He can’t resist bling!

Jack ate fine at daycare yesterday, consuming all of his milk for the day and also some sweet potatoes (his favorite). It’s funny how any time things don’t go as usual, teething is to blame. I never expected teething to be such a pain, and because I don’t want to believe my son’s mouth is hurting him so much, I often don’t recognize the signs. Since he is such a happy baby, he manages to stay in a good mood through most of it, so I guess we are just lucky.


I didn’t get a chance to write and participate in the Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas Carnival yesterday, but I’ve been earnestly contemplating my answer to their question, “What do you wish you were taught growing up?” It’s a toughy, mainly because it’s hard for me to determine what I wasn’t taught. I don’t think of the world in terms of what I know and what I don’t know. I approach life with the question, “What happens next?” I’m all about the doing. I like to be productive, hence, I’m always busy. When I’m not doing something, I’m bored, and there is little I hate more than being bored.

So I suppose I could switch that around and say that I wish I had been taught how to relax and just be. I daydream about laying out on the grass, drinking lemonade, and dozing lightly but the reality is that I am unable to let myself do that because I can’t shut my mind off. My son is teaching me how to do this more and more, so hopefully I’ll get there. Hopefully he will push me to take some time to just be.

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  1. I have the same problem. I’ll sit down to relax and immediately think of something I could or “should” be doing. Maybe we’re just wired that way.

    Here from the carnival.

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