Project: Babyproof

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, folks.  I’ve got an extremely annoying cold, which makes me cranky and less willing to think.

Yesterday I started Phase 2 of Project: Babyproof.  I cleared some more space in our living room for Jackie to crawl around by packing up our coffee table.  It is an IKEA table and the legs are screwed on…well, off now.  Very easy to store until I can convince my husband that we should get rid of it altogether.  This leaves a lot of couch that can be used for cruising and climbing, and less sharp corners for facial bruisings.

Phase 1 involved packing up CDs that we don’t access regularly, and is ongoing because Joe hasn’t participated yet.  He has been busy with school which is officially done Saturday YAAAAAAAY!  Once he does his part there, we can add to Phase 2 by getting rid of the bookshelf that held all of the CDs.

Phase 3 involves installing baby gates and other protective accessories.  You might think we’re going about this backwards, and you are right.  Because we need a non-standard-width baby gate, this phase is going to be expensive.  We are making do with barricades until we can get the cash to invest in a nice gate with extensions.  Joe starts full time work on Tuesday, so I’ll be ordering accessories next week.

I’ve been inspired by No Impact Man to get our household consumption under better control, and to simplify.  I made a case for clearing out a bunch of stuff last night to Joe, so hopefully he is on board.  It would be nice to have less STUFF.

7 thoughts on “Project: Babyproof”

  1. You could always pad the coffee table. We’re still on the lookout for a reasonably priced giant padded ottoman to use as a coffee table/seat/someday-changing table. I may just have to get handy and make my own.

    Yes, I think as a general rule you should have less stuff than you have space. Wish I was there to help you purge and organize. 🙂

  2. I don’t even want the coffee table because we don’t have room for it and it’s a junk collector.

    Whatever you get, make sure it’s at a good height. Bending over to change diapers is horrible on your back. Our changing table connected to the crib was perfect, but now we’re using a bed and it sucks. If the ottoman was big enough to sit on the end while changing the diaper, I suppose that would be handy, but you’ll have to have the diapers close by.

    I wish you were here to help, too!!

  3. Most of the ottomans are at a height where we’d be kneeling in front of it or sitting on the couch. It’s a total bonus that it will be a bit too low to eat dinner at and we’ll be forced to the table or kitchen counter. You know me, everything we need will be stored nearby in a clearly labeled container. 🙂

  4. Well, it’s where we spend most of our time, it’s closer to the garage (where the dirties would be stored), and I doubt I’ll want to carry a little one up and down the stairs just to change a diaper. Always organize based on use. 😀 In my mind, the diapers go where the kid goes.

    I don’t know why I’m even discussing this when I’m not even pregnant or planning to try and be pregnant in the next few months. 😉

  5. Good job on disappearing the coffee table, those things are itching for a fight, and the crawling kid is always the one who ends up with a split lip of a black eye. Is there anything sadder than a little kid with a black eye? Plus, then you get the Oh-My-God-She-Shamelessly-Beats-Her-Child looks. Safety, it’s not only for the children.

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