Ten Months Old

Jack is a happier baby than he has ever been. You might think that’s impossible, but he smiles and laughs constantly. He is engaging and funny and also the sweetest baby ever! Just look at that face!

The last month has been one of motion. Jack started crawling, and then quickly moved to scaling and cruising. He is constantly on the go and getting into everything. We have to keep our eyes on him constantly because if he is not climbing furniture, he has certainly found some stray twig that has been tracked inside on our shoes (which of course ends up in his mouth). That kid has amazing eyesight.

Jack has also shown pretty amazing language development. He has been saying dada and mama for quite some time, although not discriminately. He is now starting to attach those labels to us. In addition, he can say duck and cat, and possibly other things that we either can’t make out or aren’t clear enough for us to be certain. His comprehension is great; he will look at the person/object we are referring to many times, and he waves when we say “bye.”

Joe has taken him on lots of walks and even a trip to the zoo. They read together, build and destroy toy towers together, take baths together. It’s wonderful to see their relationship grow every day.

Sleep has been sporatic. Sometimes we have a hard time putting him to bed, and earlier in the month he had a few nights where he had to be up for a couple hours in the middle of the night. The last two weeks have been fairly decent, though, with him waking only 2-3 times a night to eat for 5 minutes and then crash again. I can live with that.

Introduction of solids has moved right along, and Jack likes nearly everything we give him. We are following a slightly modified introduction schedule now that has shown signs of sensitivity. Hopefully we can introduce peas again in the future and he won’t have a problem. We’ll see. In the mean time, he’s putting those four teeth to good use on sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, mango, and teething biscuits.

I’m head over heals, of course. I think about him all the time, can’t wait to get home from work to play with him. I love it when he lays his head on my chest, his arms wrapped around me, looking to me for comfort. I love that I’m able to give it.

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