I’m sick. I’ve been dealing with coughing, a running nose, itchy ears, a scratchy throat, and an achy chest. No fun. I stayed home sick yesterday and slept the morning away. I’m feeling a bit better now.

So, my husband is graduated (click here for pictures)! Yay! We are very happy and proud of him. I’ve worked so hard to get a surprise BBQ arranged for him but he kept trying to make plans for the evening. Finally I got our friend Melissa to call him to invite us all to her place for dinner, which I thought would work perfectly to get him to stop making plans. Then he started calling friends to invite them and when he got to his friend Steve, he said, “Oh, I thought that was supposed to be a surprise?” Damn it Steve! Still, the BBQ was fun and I think Joe was happy to have something planned for him regardless of whether it was a surprise. (At least now he can’t complain about me ruining surprises without getting it right back.)

Joe did a great job to make my first Mother’s Day a good one. Being sick only slightly dampened the fun. In the morning we walked Joe’s interpretive trail down at Humboldt Redwoods so that his brother could see his signs. After saying goodbye to my BIL and SIL, we went to lunch in Ferndale. Then Joe’s parents took Jack to the beach while he and I attended a play called “The Ghost of the Hart” at the Rep Theater. The cast members were all school kids, which actually enthralled me more than the play itself. I had to wonder if someday we’ll be watching Jack do something like that. It was so fun to watch. We had a relaxing evening at home and that was that. I got the second part of my gift delivered yesterday – The Ghost in the House by Tracy Thompson. I can’t wait to read it.

Here is a picture I took on Saturday at the graduation. I prefer this one to the one I took on Mother’s Day because I don’t look sick in this one…

The in-laws are now gone, the apartment is clean, and school is now behind us. Justin and Shailu spilled the beans to the parents about their baby (due in November), so we all got to gush about that. Altogether much fun and happiness. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings, especially now that Joe’s attention is not going to be pulled away from our family by school. Hooray for that!

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  1. Congratulations on the graduation! (Believe me, I know that it is as much an accomplishment for you as it is for him and you deserve at least as many accolades.) I hope you start feeling better soon.

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