Sunny disposition

I finally went to the doctor today and got some meds to deal with my latest sinus infection.  I also have prescriptions to help me prevent this recurring problem.  Hopefully this will help get my health under control.

I think Jack slept through the night last night.  Unfortunately I woke up feeling tired even though I don’t remember being up at all during the night, so I can’t say for sure.  I think at some point in the last couple of months I decided it did more harm than good to look at the clock each time Jack awoke.  And because I don’t look at the clock, I don’t recall waking up.

Jack is going through a “sunny period” of development.  He’s pretty easy right now, except for the part where we are constantly chasing him or diverting his attention or fishing something out of his mouth that doesn’t belong there (when he finds a seed or a piece of bark or some other minuscule thing that is undetectable by everyone but my superhuman child, he sticks it in his mouth and holds it there with his lips puckered.  It’s easy to tell that he has something in his mouth because he takes on a distinct Zoolander look).  Every morning when he awakens he immediately sits up and starts babbling.  Then he proceeds to climb on his dad and me while we attempt to continue sleeping while simultaneously dragging Jack away from the edge of the bed.  This morning he surprised me by blowing zerberts on my arm!  I was in a hazy sleep-state so didn’t realize what he was doing until Joe started laughing.  I love these moments.

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