A day in the life

6:15am – Jack wakes up and, after nursing him, I lay with my eyes closed hoping that he will go back to sleep instead of climbing on me.
6:40am – Joe gets up with Jack and lets me sleep another 30 minutes.
7:10am – wake up, get dressed, put on makeup and do hair, eat breakfast, make/drink coffee, pack pump, set out solids for Joe to feed Jack, nurse
8:15am – go to work
8:30am-10:30am – work in between stressing out over friend getting fired
10:30am – pump
10:45am – 12:15pm – work and stress
12:15pm – 1pm – Have lunch with Joe and Jack! Nurse Jack at desk
1-4pm – Work and stress, wonder if I should quit, if I should apply for jobs out of the area, wonder if Joe will ever hear back about job interview in bay area
4pm – pump, then surf internet until it’s time to go home
5:20pm – arrive home, go to bathroom, nurse Jack, run to grocery store to get last minute items for dinner, check the mail (nice card from SIL – thanks!)
6:00pm – start dinner (Green Curry Chicken), put away clean dishes and load dishwasher, store breastmilk for next day, chase Jack a bit
7:00pm – eat dinner, give Jack a snack
7:30pm – Joe and Jack bathe while I check email, then I get Jack dressed and ready for bed while Joe finishes showering
8:00pm – nurse and attempt to put Jack to bed – not happening
8:20pm – change poopy diaper, wrestle with kid who tries to crawl away during diaper change, curse loudly, finally get diaper on and a knock at the door – Joe answers door wrapped in towel and hands N milk donation, phone rings and daycare lady is sick, proceed to call friend Melissa to arrange childcare for next day, take my antibiotics
8:45pm – Joe puts Jack to bed while I lay down on the couch and stress about burdening friends
9:15pm – wash bottles/pump parts for next day, switch laundry to dryer, put away Jack’s clean laundry while directing Joe in which items to get together for next day, eat root beer float
10:00pm – add more money to dryer, read book while fighting anxiety and thinking about things that didn’t get done today and wonder how the hell anyone does the things that need to be done
11:15pm – get my laundry out of the dryer and fold it, take a shower and prepare for bed
12pm – go to sleep

3 thoughts on “A day in the life”

  1. Oh, you poor thing. I hate days like that, where the things that need to get done keep getting put off. Tomorrow will be better.

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