It is our routine to nurse right when I get home from work every day, and Jack is adamant about keeping to the schedule.  If I try to set him down or hand him over to Joe so that I can go to the bathroom prior to nursing, he throws a fit.  I’m sure this is his reconnection time after spending the day in daycare and eating from a bottle and I will admit that love that time together, as well.  It is our special time each day!

Yesterday upon getting home and after nursing in our rocking chair, Jack sat up on my lap (a better vantage point from which to poke my belly button and pull on my flab), drunk and satisfied, and let out a giant belch.  I made a sound of surprise and Jack starting laughing and then we were both giggling for a good five minutes.   I tell you, there is nothing better than your baby laughing in your face at himself!

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