At long last, the extra-wide (and extra-tall) baby gate is here!  I was giddy when I arrived home to see the box.  I immediately installed the wondrous contraption and watched as Jack played the innocent inmate.

I love the gate.  No more chasing after a determined baby who has broken through the previous makeshift barricade of boxes.  No more worrying about him getting to the cats’ water dish or food bowls or litter box before we could catch him.  That little sucker is fast!

In case you also have a wide space to block off, and live in an apartment where you cannot drill holes to mount a sweet gate with doors and such, I got this pressure-mounted one at the bullseye store for $30.  Pretty good deal, and the only 50″ wide one I could find that wasn’t mesh (which our cats would claw through in no time).

There are a few downsides to this gate:

  • The height is almost up to my hip, which makes it difficult to climb over.
  • It is also difficult for the cats to get over (doesn’t mean they won’t try, though – can’t wait to see the fat one try).
  • It’s difficult to install with the baby RIGHT THERE trying to get through it because little fingers can get smashed as the gates expand.
  • Now that he knows he can’t get past the gate, he is even more interested in turning the computer off and on.

All in all, though, it totally rocks.

5 thoughts on “Gated”

  1. upon seeing me climb over the kitchen gate with more nimbleness than I knew I possessed (it was a particularly good day), a colleague commented “You’d be great at hurdles.” I laughed because me on a track is a really funny thing to behold, but it was a sincere compliment all the same.

  2. I love it! He’s in a striped shirt! Just like a real “jailbird”!!! Ha ha ha ha!

    I’m so glad you were able to find a gate that works for you. Gates are so tricky!

  3. Yah! I’m glad you were able to find something that works. That’s also going to help me when I come to visit and babysit while you’re at work 🙂

    Ha, and I like Beth’s idea about the tiny tin cup, very cute 🙂

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