Nearing a year

Jack is eleven months old today! Only one month until his first birthday. Are you freaked out? ‘Cause I totally am. Where did the time go? This time last year I was impatiently awaiting the birth of my son, sore and sleep deprived from the 36 lbs. of extra weight I was carrying around. Now look at me – planning a birthday party for my awesome little guy.

This age is pretty awesome. Jack is starting to leave behind babyhood in favor of being a real little kid, who has ideas and can act on them. He is moving constantly – crawling, standing, cruising, climbing, walking while holding our hands. More and more, he lets go of furniture without realizing it and will stand on his own two feet. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll be off walking all by himself.

Jack has a mind of his own, for sure. He seems to be entering the notorious terrible twos early. If we take something from him, he will stiffen up, flail his little arms, and start crying immediately. If we lay him down to change his diaper and he has other ideas…well, he stiffens up, kicks and throw his legs down OVER AND OVER again throughout the entire diaper changing session…I don’t doubt his passion or dedication to the role, that’s for sure.

On the flip side, he is now quite the jokester and his memory is astounding. The other day he started crawling around with a shoelace, pausing every minute or so to cackle excitedly. At first I thought he was just being looney and then I realized he was trying to play with the cat. When Blue actually went after the trailing shoelace, Jack thought it was the greatest thing ever! It was so adorable to watch, and amazing because he has only witnessed me playing with the cat like this once, weeks ago. He also thinks it’s hilarious to give a head-butt or bury his face in our necks to “eat” us (of course, we taught him how to do that), and of course peek-a-boo is a fantastic pastime.

Speaking of eating, he is digging the solids more and more. His favorite foods are avocado, sweet potatoes, and banana. His eyes light up when I break out the banana and he starts clacking his tongue. He’s pretty good with chunky foods now – he bites right off of the banana and does great. I’m currently trying to get more finger foods to give him (would love ideas) since he seems to favor them over the canned jars of (organic) baby food, probably because he can feed himself. Quite the independent little man.

It’s probably not clear in these pictures, but it looks like Jack’s eyes have finally settled on a color. He still does have some of that baby-blue fringing going on, but for the most part they are woodsy brown color (unlike Joe’s maple-syrup color). I suppose they could change further. We will see!

I’m looking forward to the next year. I can’t wait to hear Jack break out into sentences (as opposed to copying our speech or randomly deciding he can say words – duck, cat/kitty, yeah!, mama/dada). His current baby babble is pretty damned cute, though. He recently started changing the sound of his voice and sometimes babbles in high pitch, which is totally cute. Whatever else comes along, I’m sure it will be interesting and fun, too, as long as Jackie keeps smiling.

5 thoughts on “Nearing a year”

  1. big hits around here are peaches, strawberries, turkey, chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce, mango, apple, scrambled eggs, rice, fish (esp. salmon), and chunks of goat cheese. also: goat yogurt and applesauce (not together, of course), though the result is a wonderfully messy baby.

  2. We tried scrambled egg yolks last night and he really liked them, and he had some goat cheese last week and seemed to enjoy it. I’ll have to try some of those others!

  3. Sam likes scrambled eggs, green beans, tofu, fruit (especially apples and grapes), and crackers. (He likes tons of other things, but those are easy finger foods.)

  4. That part about him playing with the cat sounds hilarious! I can’t wait until our baby can do stuff like that! 🙂

    Yay for Jack growing up. He’s getting so big! 🙂

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