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Quite some time ago I found Allison’s blog through Annika.  Allison’s son Evan is a few months younger than Jack, and their situation really struck me – I immediately sent a small donation (me=broke, but I gave what I could) and sent it in, and I have been following their story since.  You can go read about Evan’s condition and their struggle with insurance companies on Allison’s blog, and if you are moved to help them, go here and enter to win one of two quilts made to raise funds for the family.

Evan’s surgery is scheduled for September.  I encourage you all, if you can, to help a baby and his parents out!  Even if you can’t send a donation, you can offer an encouraging word.

2 thoughts on “Help a baby out”

  1. Thanks so much ewokmama!! I am completely overwhelmed by the internet community’s kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness towards Evan and our family. The comments posted on my blog, emails and donations are so amazing and helpful.

  2. It’s enough of an emotional roller coaster as it is, you don’t need the financial burden on top of it! I wish your family the best of luck with raising funds, and hope that the surgery goes beautifully.

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