Trying new things

Joe’s parents left this morning.  My sister is watching Jack by herself today, and then she flies home tonight.  I’m only half looking forward to having the apartment back to ourselves.

My parents-in-law helped with moving the crib into our bedroom this weekend (to my shock, it fits, but barely) and we’ve been trying out the sidecar arrangement.  It’s not working well at all.  We’ve had difficulty getting the crib height aligned with the bed and due to the design of the crib, the toddler siderails had to be attached to stabilize it when the sidewall was removed.  The siderails are hard metal bars that stick up slightly between the mattresses – an accident waiting to happen for Jack’s head.  This is truly disappointing and I don’t know what to do next.  Also, I really should not have tried to implement this change among birthday activities and a nasty bout with teething.

Apparently I feel like mixing it up a bit these days, as I went yesterday and bought a couple of pocket diapers to try for nighttime.  We have been using prefolds loyally for the past year, and I recently started to wonder if we could try something else to cut down the bulk at night.  Jack is an extremely heavy wetter, and prefolds have been the only diapers that don’t leak on us at night.  Things have lightened up a bit, though, and I plan to use a prefold to stuff the pocket diaper.  I will let everyone know how to goes once we try it out.

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