12 Months – an update (w/pics)

We still have seen no sign of the eighth tooth that Jack has been working on. No sign other than the whining, and the chewing, and the biting, that is. Poking around in his mouth yesterday, it seemed that I felt something coming up in the molar region. I seriously hope that is not the case. The poor guy needs a freaking break already! Getting teeth is one of the most miserable things I’ve ever witnessed. I suppose there is something nice about getting them out of the way, though.

It’s amazing how much Jack has blossomed in just the last few weeks. He lets go of furniture to walk on his own more and more. He is quite the climber, as well. There is a carseat in our living room at the moment and Jack has been using it as a lounge chair. Last night he spent a good half-hour climbing in and out over and over. Apparently carseats are cool when they are not actually in the car.

My sister and I went out for Japanese food last night and brought Jack along, of course. He is such a good sport about going out to restaurants. He played peek-a-boo with his cloth napkin in between mooching my fruit and chewing on Holly’s hair clip. He loves food now and gets quite demanding when we aren’t feeding him quickly enough, issuing a fake cough like he is going to DIE if he doesn’t get another grape. His first taste of cake and ice cream at his birthday party this weekend was entertaining to watch. He really got into the ice cream! By the end of the night, his eyes started to glaze over as he stared off into space. The sugar and the excitement from the party were a little too much for him and he was going in circles. I’m certainly glad it is a once-a-year type of thing.

Between the poor sleeping and the sore gums, Jack has been especially snuggly and clingy. We do a lot of hugging and rocking, and apparently I am the only one who will do when he is feeling so crummy. “Maamaaamaaamaaaa” is repeatedly moaned at me as he tugs on my pant leg. When I pick him up, he squeezes his knees against my hip and holds on for dear life. It feels great to be so needed, although it is trying at times. With all of the one-on-one time we get these days, I feel more bonded to him than ever.

Books are a major source of excitement, and the past week has been spent reading many of them! He has read with grandma, mom, and dad so much now that he flips pages, points (his new thing), and “reads” back to us. It’s adorable.

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  1. I think that my favourite baby stage is right around the 1 year mark – everything is fun! And exciting! And new! But they’re still a baby, and need to be loved and rocked and cuddled.

    Jack is so adorable with his huge brown eyes!

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