Gosh, let’s just send him to school already

Jack has finally caught on that walking might just get him across the room faster than crawling. He gets to keep things in his hands while moving now. It’s very exciting! He is rarely off his feet – he stands while eating, nursing, bathing…it’s annoying yet cute.

All of this walking must be wearing him out, too, because he’s been taking long naps, going to bed early, and even sleeping through the night most nights. Nothing annoying about that!

Jack grabbed Goodnight Moon and walked it over to me this evening. This is the first time he’s handed me a book to read – usually he just sits by himself and flips the pages while pointing. Goodnight Moon is his absolute favorite book, though. Joe or I have read it to the little guy every night, several times in a row, over the past couple of weeks. It does this avid reader’s heart good to know that her little boy loves books!

His new favorite word is bear (or “bayew”). And bears go “raaauw.” Jack is a great growler.

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