This weekend I drove to Sacramento and back to attend a bridal shower. 14 hours in the car over two days in order to spend 3 celebrating my friend’s upcoming nuptials. Oh, and did I mention it was just me and Jack?

I resorted to all kinds of things during the long car rides in order to keep Jack occupied. My hands did funny puppetry while I belted out sound effects. My arms shot up as I shouted “wheeeee!” I sang along to the radio, I reached back to tickle chubby thighs, I did everything I could think of. When I ran out of energy or ideas, I handed the kid my cell phone.

Jack spent hours and hours with that cell phone over the weekend. He pushed all kinds of buttons, pretended to make some calls, threw it across the room, and used it as a chew toy.

Well, I’m sad to report that the poor cell phone did not make it. Today it up and died. All of my contacts wiped out, circuits overloaded with drool. *sigh* It’s a good thing I wasn’t attached.

6 thoughts on “Hazards”

  1. Katie, I drive on average 70-75mph. Arcata to Sacramento sans kid is 5.5-6 hours (same to bay area from here).

    Melissa – it was great to see you, too! I’m happy that next time we see eachother it will be after a much shorter drive!

  2. Maybe the cell phone will dry out in a few days? If not, this gives you an excuse to get a new one 🙂 If he really likes the idea of chewing on the cell phone, you should keep this one so he can continue using it, since it’s already dead. You probably already thought of that, but I figured I’d throw it out there 😛

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