Moving right along

Our household is pure chaos right now.  We went apartment hunting this weekend.  It was a major pain but at least we now have a home!

Jack was as good as could be expected during the search.  He had a great time testing out the floorplans by walking through all of the rooms and getting into anything he could.  It’s amazing to see the little guy go – just 6 weeks ago he was barely standing on his own and now we can’t keep him in one place!  For the first few weeks we let him walk without shoes but now that he wants to walk wherever we go, the shoes go with us everywhere.  Luckily he doesn’t mind.

We went out to eat quite a bit this weekend and Jack ate like a maniac the whole time we were gone.  He tried carnitas (and loved it!) and sweet potato coconut soup on Sunday.  Last night we went out again and he had pinto beans, avocado, and more carnitas (uhhh, I really like pork).  He had a sizable lunch yesterday of beets and cottage cheese, as well.  So far he is not picky, although he is particular and prefers to feed himself.  He is also more inclined to eat solid foods when other people around him are eating.

The most difficult aspect of the trip was getting the boy into the carseat – he refuses to sit down and he is unbelievably strong.  We have to physically restrain him to get him to sit sometimes.  I try to distract him with toys, ask him to please sit, but the kid has a mind of his own.  I would love ideas on getting him to comply without a big fight!

I can’t promise regular updates over the next few weeks as we are super busy both at home and at work.  My to-do lists are long and the timeline is very short!

3 thoughts on “Moving right along”

  1. Car seat: My only suggestion is to have special car-seat only toys, be they new ones you’ve found, or special ones he already loves that have to “disappear” only to reappear when it’s time to go bye bye.

    Good luck with all the changes!

  2. I like B’s suggestion with the special car-seat toys. I used to use that with the 18-month-old I nannied for. Most of the time it worked okay.

    Aaaand, it looks like me may get to meet at Amy’s wedding! 🙂

  3. Good luck with your move. It is exhausting and I don’t envy
    you. Jack sounds pretty typical for his age….not wanting t sit, wanting to walk all over all the time….that will help make the ove more interesting.

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