When you’re gone…

Jack looooves his daycare provider.  A way to get him excited to get out the door in the morning is to ask, “Wanna go see Kristina??”  He starts squeezing his legs around my hip and bouncing.  As we walk up to the door, he starts giggling.  This morning when he was doing it, I heard giggling on the other side of the door – Kristina was cracking up to hear Jack so excited.

Kristina has a class for a couple hours each day this week and so her mom has stepped in to take care of the kids.  When Kristina left to go to class yesterday, Jack cried!  He did not want her to leave.  He got upset again when we were going home yesterday.

I will miss this.  It’s so great to have a person who has connected with my kid on his level.  It’s nice to have someone who has a similar style to our parenting.  I know Jack will adapt, but I feel so sad that this will be taken away from him.  I think if she wasn’t going back to school, we would have stayed here longer.  It’s not difficult to find daycare, but it is difficult to find someone who I would want to be part of the family!

2 thoughts on “When you’re gone…”

  1. Aw! That’s so sweet. It freaks me out sometimes to think of all of the adults who will have an impact that I can’t control in my children’s lives, but good to be reminded that there can be such a strong positive connection for children with the people in their lives who care for them.

  2. That is so cute though! One morning, before you leave, you’ll have to break out the camera so we can hear the boy giggling!

    *goes back to working on your contest question answer*

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