A whole new diaper world

We were hoping to find a place with a washer and dryer inside this time around but we had no luck.  Instead we found an awesome apartment complex with beautiful, large capacity machines that take a card rather than coins.  The laundry room is a few doors down from our apartment and since everything is indoors, it’s going to be a breeze even on rainy days.  This is the next best thing to having our own machines, definitely.

Now that Jack is down to 5-6 diapers a day (that’s less than a third of what he was going through as a newborn), and we are getting decent washing machines, I am building up our cloth diaper stash.  In anticipation of the move and the discontinued diaper service, I bought some used Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers from Little Blessings (they came with inserts, and they were a real bargain!), and some used prefolds from Cloth Diapers N More (10% of my purchase went to autism research, sweet!).  There are three great advantages I see to buying used: you don’t have to prep the diapers other than a single wash to ensure they are clean (new prefolds require 3-5 washes/dries to prep for initial use), you save money, and you are helping the environment by continuing to reuse products.  Yippee!  With this latest purchase and the diapers we already had in our stash, we have a grand total of 13 diapers.  To be comfortable, I’ll probably get another 7 or so more.

Any of my cloth diapering readers want to suggest a great place to get a variety of used diapers?  I’ve heard great things about BumGenius and would like to try some of them, but I haven’t seen any used ones for sale anywhere.  I don’t mind buying new ones, of course, it’s just that we are spending the bulk of our funds on moving expenses right now.  Fancy cloth diapers aren’t high on the list of priorities when we like prefolds well enough.

4 thoughts on “A whole new diaper world”

  1. I like swaddle bees only because Nolan has chicken legs. I have heard good things about BG’s

    Sadly no more pre loved diapers on ebay. diaperswappers is a good place to look.

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