The Move

Moving is hard.  Moving with a toddler is even harder!  Jack needed attention, but there was so much to be done.  The process was agonizingly slow but eventually we got out of Humboldt and into the San Francisco bay area.  Yay!

I will do things differently the next time around.  Anyone contemplating a move, and especially those with toddlers who like to unpack a freshly packed box, should do the following:

Take time off work to focus on packing
Methodically pack up a room at a time
Hire a babysitter
Hire someone else to pack and move everything!

We are attempting to get settled in now.  It is mostly going well but it will take some time to get all of our ducks in a row.  I am trying to come to terms with a longer, more complicated commute, and we have yet to find childcare for when Joe starts his new job (in about a week).  Once we are finished unpacking, have decorated, and get a routine going, I know we’ll feel more content.  For now, we are busy enjoying our lovely little guy.

4 thoughts on “The Move”

  1. It looks like your little one is taking the change of scene well. I was lucky..never moved until mine were preteens and that was bad enough! Hope you search for child care goes well and that you are settled in soon.

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