Food Update

Jack is eating a ton of solids these days.  I still feel like I’m fumbling in the dark, so I have taken the stance of, “I will offer and let him self-regulate.”  I hope it works out.  So far I haven’t found any useful (or dumbed-down) information on toddler nutrition so I give up.  I think this is one area where I am just going to be less informed that I’d like (feel free to throw links at me if you have ’em).

Anyway, we have found that Jack will eat solids when we are eating.  Also, he prefers to feed himself but he will allow me to feed him some of the messier foods like yogurt.  He’ll eat just about anything, too.  I have been surprised by his willingness to eat grilled onions and roasted garlic.  Since he’s over a year we’ve been slowly introducing some of the allergenic foods and so far he doesn’t have a problem with edamame (soy beans), tomatoes, or oranges.  He even likes them!

We are still working on getting veggies into his diet.  I’ve tried giving him zucchini and that is definitely something he doesn’t like.  The move and subsequent activities have made it difficult to get a food preparation routine down, but I plan to steam large amounts of vegetables once a week, freeze them, and then try to feed them to him for dinner throughout the week.  I’d also like to try V8 juice or something.  He does like beets and carrots but I think those are the only vegetables he’ll go for so far other than the onions.

Oh, and Jack has discovered the wonderment that is Cheerios!  I bought a box this weekend because I’d like to stop buying the Gerber puffy snacks and this is definitely going to be an easy transition.  Every time Jack sees the box he about falls over with excitement.  Who knew plain oat cereal would be such a hit?

I am contemplating putting my pump into semi-retirement and just breastfeeding in the mornings and evenings.  My supply has been dwindling anyway and Jack is at an age where he can start drinking other things.  I haven’t thought it through completely but it sure would be nice not to lug the pump around anymore!

4 thoughts on “Food Update”

  1. If he likes to eat what you are eating, maybe he will eat the veggies as you are eating them. My grandkids love the multigrain cheerios!
    I try to convince myself that multigrain is healthier? Anyway…good luck!

  2. Little Red did well (enough) with veggies until he turned one. Then he stopped eating veggies completely. We always offered, but didn’t force it. By the time he turned two he was more likely to eat salad than chicken at suppertime. At his birthday party I had to drag him away from the veggie tray and MAKE him go play on the structure. Jack will come around, don’t worry!

  3. Yeah, I think that’s the problem – my husband doesn’t eat veggies and I usually only have them at lunch at work or when we go out to eat (which is quite a bit, and when I’ve been feeding them to him so far). I did find some frozen “puffets” made by Peas of Mind at the grocery store last night. They have all kinds of good stuff in them, so hopefully he likes them.

    ZM – that’s kind of my thinking re: food in general: he will go through phases and it will all work out in the end. He hasn’t reached a truly picky phase yet – I don’t know if that’s because we don’t stress out about food or if it’s coming later.

  4. In my experience, it’s both. 😉 Little Red’s pickiness didn’t come until the mid-twos, but also wasn’t as severe as some of our friend’s because we weren’t going to battle in the food wars.

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