Dear sleep, I miss you.

Our son is not sleeping.  It’s not like he is up 5 times a night like the newborn days.  It’s much worse than that.  Saturday he was pretty much awake/crying/screaming/thrashing from 2am until we threw in the towel around 7:30 and just got up and read books.  You might think it’s strange that we tried to get him back to sleep for 5+ hours but when you are half asleep and desperate those 10-15 minutes of sleep out of every hour is kind of worth it.  He napped for twenty minutes that day, then went to bed around 6.  That night was more of the same, and again he napped less than an hour Sunday.  Last night was horrible, also.  We have no idea what is going on with him – motrin hasn’t helped, and neither has tylenol.  Furthermore, nursing isn’t doing the trick to get him to sleep that it usually does.

He is beyond exhausted, and this morning he felt pretty warm but not quite feverish.  Maybe he’s coming down a cold.  Maybe his four new molars are bugging him.  Maybe this is just what life with a toddler is like (please no!).

All I know is that I’m very, very tired.  I hope he goes back to sleeping somewhat normally.

3 thoughts on “Dear sleep, I miss you.”

  1. palofmine – Could be continued teething pain, or maybe he’s sick, we’re not sure. Not night terrors, because he is crying when he is awake, too. I strongly suggested that my husband take him to the doctor today…

    Dawn – gotta wonder how these kids missed the memo that sleep is freaking awesome!

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