Hot Potato

Last night was lousy.  Jack slept on me all night, nursing most of the time which is a good thing because he was just burning up and he needs the fluids.  It wasn’t comfortable for me, of course, and I’m pretty out of it today.  My sister-in-law was kind enough to drive us to the doctor because I just don’t feel with it enough to drive (and she wisely pointed out that this!  this is why we moved to be closer to family!  Absolutely, and it definitely feels like a good decision.).

We don’t know exactly what Jack has but it’s some kind of viral infection.  Could be roseola for the second time.  If so, I’m sure he’ll keep with the fever for a few more days and then the rash will come.  What fun!  No daycare for him this week.  I’ll probably end up staying home tomorrow, and then Joe has the rest of the week off.

He’s been asleep since a little after one, waking up briefly to get a diaper change and nurse some more.  He barely walked around at all this morning, which is so unlike him.  He is so tired.  I am, too!

4 thoughts on “Hot Potato”

  1. Roseola is not a good thing.! Daycare has that, so they should really be disinfecting more, it is SO contagious, so if she doesnt disinfect good, your son could go back and get it again. Beware…. ringworm almost always follows roseola…. its a rash behind the ears! Hope he feels better soon!

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