On the mend

Jack’s fever broke midday Thursday and he has been steadily recovering.  He is incredibly irritable and has a nasty habit of shrieking at any little annoyance, though.  He’s still tired but is back to being difficult about going to sleep.  Oh, and no rash developed, so it wasn’t roseola!

The babyman has been dragging out an endless parade of books to read during his convalescence.  We’ve only been up an hour and we’ve already read Daisy-Head Maizy, The Foot Book, Are You My Mother?, Jack-Jack Attack, Dinner at Joey’s, Little Bus, Touch and Feel Baby Animals, Mr. Brown Can Moo, and the first four books in a Fisher Price Ready Reader series.  Joe asked me earlier, “Is it normal for a kid his age to be this interested in books?”  I found the question very amusing.

Barring any additional bad luck (on top of everything else we’ve experienced lately, we found out that Joe is a victim of identity theft), we are going to make it to my friend’s reception in Sacramento this evening.  First I’ve gotta spend a few hours today stripping diapers.  😛

2 thoughts on “On the mend”

  1. I am so glad Jack is feeling better. Those days with a feverish baby, not knowing exactly what is causing the fever, not knowing how long it is going to go on and putting life on hold are never easy.

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