A smattering

Jack is acting strange – continued lethargy, snorting, refusing to drink his milk or eat much of anything, and just not quite himself.  We are going to try to take him back to the doctor on Thursday.  Last night he went to bed at 6pm (the night before he fell asleep at 5pm).  He has never gone to bed so early!  Of course, last night he woke up at 9pm and ate a whole jar of spinach and potatoes, which was surprising (and good since he ate/drank so little during the day).  We headed back to bed around 10 and I fell asleep some time during the two or so hours it took him to get back to sleep.  It was not a great night.  I just don’t know what’s going on with him.

I dropped my car off at the body shop this morning.  It’s been a challenge to figure out how to get it there without taking time off work or juggling a baby and carseat on a bus back home.  It was surprisingly easy in the end – Joe removed the carseat last night (I was unable to unhook it because he had tightened the LATCH belts so tight – at least we knew it was good and in there!), and I dropped the car off this morning, catching my bus on the corner by the shop.  I still need to make arrangements for a rental car, especially because I can’t drive Joe’s stick-shift and we have family coming to town this weekend (which includes our niece and nephew – so we’ll be getting a little creative with the three kids’ seating arrangements).

Joe and I are both feeling somewhat overwhelmed, with Jack’s illness, the car repairs, and the identity theft.  It would be nice to get this all taken care of so we can finally settle in here!

I was tagged by Dawn of Alex Year One for a meme.  Here is a picture of my computer desktop.


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