It was 7:15pm when the alarm went off.  I was on the toilet of all places, and Joe and Jack were entertaining themselves in the living room.  I finished my ablutions and Joe was gathering together the cat carriers as I exited the bathroom.  We deposited our three cats into their carriers, grabbed the diaper bag (that was luckily already packed) and a quilt to wrap a naked-legged Jack in, and headed out the door.

As we stood on the street, we watched fire trucks roll down our court, lights flashing.  The cats were all yowling from their carriers and Jack started crying.  I wondered if there was really a fire, and what would happen to our belongings.  I asked Joe what we should do – stand out on the street and wait?  We could be waiting all night.

Twenty minutes from the start of the alarm we were given the all-clear.  Someone downstairs apparently needs to clean their oven because some burned food started smoking and set off the alarm.  Thank goodness there wasn’t a real fire!  I’m so glad we are only shaken and not hurt.

This little scare did give us an opportunity to discuss how prepared we are for situations like this.  We are glad we have family in the area, and also in Sacramento in case of a serious disaster, so we don’t need to worry about packing any stuff.  We need to get a fire-proof safe, but other than that we are happy with our set-up.  We have very little that we would care to take with us, and we are very happy about it because, of course, our family is most important.

3 thoughts on “Alarming”

  1. I’m glad it was just a scare and not the real thing!

    Mike and I talked about what we would take with us if there were a fire here…other than important paperwork, there is nothing of material value that we deem that important (Ok, I think I’d probably grab my laptop if there were enough time 🙂 ) On the one hand, it would suck to have to replace everything we own…but then again, I’d get to buy all new stuff!

  2. what scares me is when our fire alarm goes off, we can’t round up the cats at all. they run from us and hide under the sofa, bed, etc. it drives me crazy that they “refuse to be saved” but its either that or burn to death myself trying to get them in the carrier!

  3. I hadn’t really given much thougt to this myself yet, but as you mention everyone should have some sort of plan put together for the “what if’s” in life.

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