Bag o’ Tricks

Jack was so clingy yesterday when I got home that he started bawling when I walked out of the room.  Actually, I think the problem was that he wasn’t done nursing but because he was taking his sweet time and fiddling with the cat, I put him down so I could go to the bathroom.  We were the only ones home, so I didn’t close the door but he just stood in the dining room and cried from there, ignoring my invitation to join me in the bathroom.

So I reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out something unexpected.  I leaned back so that the wall obscurred me, then leaned forward with my arms reaching out and wiggled my fingers while sputtering, “blaaaargheeebaaah!”  I did this quite a few times and Jack’s crying immediately turned into laughter (was he laughing at my weird sounds and movements, or the fact that I was acting like a moron while sitting on the toilet?  I’ll never know…).  So that is my tip of the week – when things get tough, do something weird and unexpected to cheer the kid right up!

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