This close to padding him with bubble wrap

It never ceases to amaze me how accident-prone toddlers are.  I knew that they were clumsy, which is why we got rid of our coffee table as soon as Jack started crawling and then moved into a more spacious place where he could have some room to fall without hitting something sharp on the way to the floor.  But still!  Still he does random things like getting his leg caught in the baby gate (because he sticks it in the bars and turns to climb through, then seems to realize he won’t fit through the slat but his foot prevents him from withdrawing his leg) or smacking his head on the dining room table by standing up underneath it (he thinks he’s shorter than he is, apparently).  These are the types of things that you can’t really prevent unless you want to live in a padded cell with no furniture.

It’s no surprise really that yesterday he got excited about something and smacked his face teeth-first into the kiddie table at daycare.  One minute he was sitting there and the next bam! and “waaaaah!”  Tears and blood and unpleasantness.

I administered tylenol last night when he was obviously having a tough time (by the way, the dissolving tablets ROCK).  The gum above his front right tooth looks pretty bad and bled on and off last night since he wouldn’t stop chewing on things while trying to ease his pain.  He wouldn’t let us get a good enough look to see if there was damage to his teeth, but from what I could tell he may have chipped a tooth or pushed it up into the gum.  Ugh.

I looked up some pediatric dentists in the area last night and Joe is calling around today since he’s home with Jack.  I am hoping there is no damage to his roots.  Now I understand what baby teeth are for…

3 thoughts on “This close to padding him with bubble wrap”

  1. Poor Jack 🙁 I hope he didn’t do too much damage. And I hope he’s not in too much pain! The thought of him knocking his teeth like that makes me shudder.

  2. Poor kid. Our boy’s not evening walking around yet, and I’m already thinking about all the dangers lurking in our house – fireplace, furniture, etc. I’ll add the baby gate itself to the list of things to worry about.

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