I’m too excited to write!

Half of my brain is thinking about my little sister who is now in the two week wait until she can take a pregnancy test to see if her IVF cycle was successful.  Please send good vibes her way and tell those little dudes to implant!!!

The other half of my brain is thinking about my new niece, who I got to hold yesterday.  She is a beautiful baby, and my bro- and sis-in-law are rockstar parents already.  Baby Isha has got the baby lust raging in me right now and I can’t wait to hold her again so that I can keep the lust at bay.  It doesn’t make any sense, the baby lust, and last night it reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of Malcolm in the Middle where Lois is worried because she hates her (5th) baby and Hal tells her, “Lois, don’t you remember?  You’ve hated all our babies!”  LOL.

Pretty soon another part of my brain will split off when our friends Melissa and Christian welcome their baby to the world (early December).  When it rains, it pours!

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