It’s that time of year

In a little over two weeks from now, Jack and I are flying to Seattle to see my friend Beth and celebrate my birthday.  The plane ride is about two hours long, and I am quite nervous.  Hopefully, since we are leaving at night, Jack will sleep on the plane, because rangling a toddler for two hours by myself is not going to be easy.

I plan to pack light, so we will be taking the bare minimum of everything.  I did not get Jack his own seat, partly because I am cheap and partly because I doubt he would sit in it anyway.  I am not taking along a carseat; instead, Beth helped me locate several vendors who rent Britax carseats and I have made a reservation.

This trip will prepare us for a longer trip we plan to take in February: Wisconsin.  That flight is almost four hours each way (crossing my fingers that I’ll get a non-stop), plus a 1.5 hour long drive from the airport in Minneapolis to my in-laws’ place in western Wisconsin.  I am trying not to think about it because it will surely result in an anxiety attack.  At least Joe will be with me to help with Jack.  Perhaps we’ll get a seat for him on this one.

All toddler travel tips (except sedation) are appreciated.  We will definitely be bringing along books.  🙂

3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year”

  1. We brought food. Sam’s been eating a LOT lately so that was the thing we knew would be most helpful, especially when it was inconvenient to let him nurse. Every time he got a little fussy we’d hand him a rice cake or some fruit or a licorice bite or some of whatever we were eating. He was happy for almost the whole flight (all four of them), but who knows whether we had anything to do with it.

    We also brought a back-up toy to hold back as a surprise. That worked nicely, he was happy to see it and played for longer than I expected. Of course, he played at throwing it on the floor and one of us picking it up. Don’t bring anything that rolls.

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