Most thankful…

Obviously I am thankful for the normal things, like food and family and overall well-being.  Of everything to be happy about this year, I am most thankful for my mental health.

Over the last three years I’ve struggled with varying degrees of depression, related to the miscarriage in 2005 which sent me to a place I never want to see again, a very stressful pregnancy, and the extremely challenging postpartum period.  I needed a lot of help in 2005 but I was able to get through 2006 and 2007 pretty well thanks to support from family and friends, a cheerful Jack to wake up to every morning, and, honestly, this blog.

Writing is cathartic to me, and it’s even better when I know I have readers who are willing to listen to my thoughts and share theirs.  When I am writing, my mind isn’t boggled down with emotion.  Writing is the only way in which I feel I can express myself effectively and unburden my mind from my thoughts.

So a big ol’ thanks to my readers.  You touch my life in more ways than you know!  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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