In honor of the holiday, a post about food

I’ve been enjoying my time off this week, and Jack has been kind enough to let me sleep in until 9 or 10 the last few days!  Of all the things he could do to show me he cares, that is the best!

Jack has perhaps been inspired by the spirit of Thanksgiving because he has been eating really well.  We were able to find several items to keep on hand to make the solid foods thing much easier: YoBaby yogurt with cereal added, chicken nuggets, turkey dogs, string cheese, and fresh packaged sweet potatoes and butternut squash – all organic.  Additionally, cheerios and Honey Crisp apples make for great snacks.  (We prefer the Honey Crisp apples because they aren’t as dense as other apples, making them easier to chew.  The peel is a bit dense and waxy, though, so we peel them for Jack.  We also slice them because otherwise he will stick a whole wedge in his mouth!)  I often feed him whatever we’re eating, except at dinner time because generally we don’t eat until he is already in bed.

We are cutting down on breastfeeding quite a bit.  To keep Jack hydrated, I have three different water containers (a straw sippy, a more traditional sippy but made by Born Free, and a Sigg water bottle) that we place in strategic locations around the house.  He loves the Sigg water bottle (with the puppy on it!) the best and will carry it with him out the door wherever we go.  Yay!

Overall, I’m feeling more confident about Jack’s nutrition.  It’s not perfect but we are working on it.  That’s all we can do!

2 thoughts on “In honor of the holiday, a post about food”

  1. Andy loves his sigg, too! He has the red one with dinosaurs on it, and he calls it his “dino sippy.” I have a large polka-dotted one, and it’s “mama’s dotty sippy.” He reminds me to take both with us when we go for walks 🙂

  2. So glad to hear things are going well. I don’t know how to get through a day without the string cheese I swear.
    And Honey Crisp are the most tastiest in the world, too. Good job!

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