A surprising discovery

I was quite the sleeper before becoming a mother.  I looked forward to every Saturday when I knew I could sleep in until noon and then lounge around the house the rest of the day.  I was never a napper but boy did I love 12-14 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

I was nervous going into parenthood because I don’t function well when tired, and both my mom and Joe have learned the dangers associated with waking me up.  I was surprised that I was able to adapt to the lack of sleep in the newborn phase.  I think pregnancy helped prepare me, as I could not sleep for long stretches without waking up in pain.  Still, I have spent a goodly amount of past year and a half lamenting the days when I could sleep in and laze away the day.

The extended Thanksgiving holiday provided me with an opportunity to relive my pre-parenthood days.  Joe and I both seemed to be focused on catching up on sleep, and he chose to go to bed early most nights whereas I decided to sleep in late.  Most days I slept in until 9 or 10, which seemed amazing enough, but then Sunday I slept until noon!  Then I proceeded to laze around the house all day, only breaking the monotony by baking brownies in the afternoon.

And you know what?  It wasn’t that great.  I can hardly believe it but I have actually gotten used to less sleep!  I prefer a 10pm bedtime and mid-morning rising time.  I love waking up at the same time as my husband and my son, lounging in bed for hugs and kisses and tickles for a while before getting up to eat breakfast and drink a cup of coffee.  So this Thanksgiving gave me one more thing to be thankful for: a new appreciation for a lack of sleep.

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  1. I’m beginning to feel the same way. It would be nice to not have to wake up before 8 am, but anything after 9 and I feel just as “off” as I would with a severe lack of sleep.

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