Whittling away

We are on the road to weaning and I hesitate to say this (as any parent knows, as soon as you say something positive about how things are going with your child, your luck will surely make a swift turn for the worst) but it seems to be going well.  The feeding first thing in the morning is still in place, as are the two evening (including the bed time) feedings, and I figure I will eliminate feedings in whichever order seems easiest.  Jack seems ready to head in this direction, as he is doing well with solids and takes comfort from sources other than my breast, but I am taking things slowly and mostly using the don’t offer/don’t refuse method.

Recently Jack started having trouble falling asleep while nursing, so I decided to test a theory.  The last couple of nights I’ve been unlatching Jack once he has stopped nutritive sucking and we cuddle instead.  It has worked really well so far, with Jack grabbing my arm to wrap it around himself while he drifts into slumber.  I carefully extract myself from his grip once his arm goes limp and quietly exit the bedroom (usually to go do dishes and pack the diaper bag for the following day – my work is never done!).  I think our bedtime routine is helpful; we get him dressed for bed, get his teeth brushed, say goodnight to daddy (with hugs and kisses and byebyes), then proceed to the bedroom where we lay down.  We also read a book when he seems too wound up to relax.

I suspect that this bedtime feeding is going to be easiest to get rid of since we have a nice routine to take its place, which is my preference anyway because it is the most aggravating (he insists upon pinching the other nipple while nursing, which drives me up the wall, and I cannot dissuade him).  I have no timetable for weaning.  I am striving to keep a balance throughout the process, one that will ensure that I’m not moving too fast for Jack’s emotional well-being, and I am trying not to get caught up in excitement over being so close to being done.  I don’t want to hurt Jack with my impatience!

Meanwhile, I am still pumping at work but I am aiming to be done by the end of the year (maybe sooner – depends on how the girls react).  That would be a huge relief!

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