Five More Minutes

Unfortunately due to time constraints Jack and I weren’t able to have our full morning nursing session today.  Joe went in to the bedroom at 7:40a to wake Jack up and he was already awake, to our surprise.  He started to cry when he saw it was Joe and not me, and then he quickly made his way to the living room to find me.  I was in a serious time crunch to make the 7:53a bus, so I tried to give Jack a bottle with expressed milk, and offered him a breakfast fruit/grain bar.  He was not going for it; he quickly became very upset and so I broke down and whipped out the boob.  I unlatched him after he got quite a few gulps and he freaked out again, but I had to leave to catch the bus.

It’s times like these that make it extremely apparent to me that Jack gets more from breastfeeding than milk.  If it was about the eating, he would have taken the bottle or the breakfast bar.  It’s not the same as cuddling, either, otherwise he would have been happy to sit on my lap and get hugs and kisses until he felt fully awake.  I love to be able to give him whatever it is that makes him so happy after nursing, and I wish the constraints of the working world did not have to intrude upon that.  This is one reason I know we’re not ready for full weaning yet; we still have to figure out how to give him that peace of mind when nursing is no longer an option.

I caught my bus, just barely, and I will probably dwell all day on the feeling that I should have put work on hold to stay with my little guy for five more minutes.  I’m so glad it’s Friday.

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