All of a sudden I have this wacky desire to do the whole xmas bit.  This has never happened to be me before!  I am not a xmas person!  I don’t like the whole, “we cut down a tree to put up for a month and then decorate the hell out of it, shove a bunch of decorated boxes containing stuff no one really needs under it, and drive ourselves crazy over the holiday stress” thing.  I don’t like santa, never have, and I hate being the center of attention when opening a gift, mostly because I hate pretending I like something that is purely crap and ‘thank you’ never seems to be enough for the stuff I do like.  I’m not a good gift receiver (as you can plainly tell).

How did I suddenly get here?  Well, I wrapped the gifts we bought for our Wisconsin niece and nephew this weekend and then realized I had nowhere to put them.  I am shipping them, so it’s not a big deal, but I got a strong urge to put up a tree under which we would store the gifts until they take a trip to the post office.  I resisted the urge but it continued to plague me until one night I came home from work and spit out, “I want to put up a tree!”  And my husband gave me a bewildered look and said he was okay with that.  Then I went on my merry way, reminiscing over the wooden ornaments from my childhood that are stored away and waiting for fresh air.

Next up: stockings.  Stockings are stupid!  They contain a bunch useless crap that just gets tossed in the trash!  I mean, sometimes you get useful stuff like toothbrushes (who doesn’t need a new one?) and lotion but really – no one needs another pair of snowflake socks.  NO ONE.  But ya know what?  I kinda want stockings even if they have nothing in them.  I’m off to etsy to find a stocking for Jack, at least.

The craziness ends there, at least.  I can’t think of any other traditional xmas things that I really want.  Okay, well, I DID buy some egg nog, and I also have apple cider in the fridge.   But at least those count as food…

I think I am just really sad that we aren’t going to Wisconsin this year.  First time in 9 years or so!

I’m typically kind of a grinch, but one who has apparently just been possessed by holiday spirit…

5 thoughts on “Grinch”

  1. I think it is the joy that comes with creating Christmas for our kids. Granted, I’ve always been insane in my love for xmas, but it just keeps getting better as Sam gets older.

    If you don’t find a stocking you like, let me know. I might be able to whip something up.

  2. I’m sure it has something to do with having Jack now. He’s gonna love seeing the tree with all the decorations! I’ve always loved the look of the Christmas tree with all the presents under it.

    Are you planning on getting a real tree?

  3. We got a small potted tree from Trader Joe’s. It fits on the dining table as a centerpiece and is festive while still being low-key. I really do think part of exorcising my inner Grinch is seeing Andy’s excitement over presents at his birthday. He only got a few, but tearing paper off and playing with his new toys (he still calls one of them his “present from Elias”) or reading his new books (“dis one from David an’ Seff-a-knee!”) is really great to watch. I’m not much of a good gift recipient, either (no, seriously, stop with the goddamned chex mix already, MIL’s MIL!), so much so that I didn’t even open gifts at my baby shower! But I do love me some holiday food. Cocoa, peppermint, egg nog, cider, squash of all kinds…mmmmmmmmmmm…

  4. Kids change everything. Last year Jack wasn’t really old enough to get into the traditional Christmas activities. This year he can participate and get the gist about what is going on.

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