What is Jack doing lately?

When Jack turned one I stopped doing the monthly updates.  I have noticed a similar phenomenon around the internet – as soon as the blogger’s kid becomes a toddler, there is a lack of updates.  I wondered about this for a long time and then it became a reality for me, as well.  Toddlers are BUSY!  They are always moving, and they really demand attention (with words!).  And as soon as I sit down in front of the computer Jack’s little hand reaches up and pounds on the keys.  He loves the computer as much as I do!

So I must apologize to my readers for not sharing more in the way of developmental milestones with Jack.  It’s basically more of the same, but more intense.  The number of new words Jack says every day is astonishing.  I can no longer keep track of what he knows in that department.  He understands even more; when we ask him to get a specific book to read, more times than not he knows what we’re asking.  He is starting to learn his colors, as well.  It seems there are a lot of things he would pick up very quickly if we thought to teach those things to him.  I am starting to understand why some kids start preschool so early.

Our struggles right now are sleep and food.  As always.  Aren’t those two things the bain of every parent’s existence?  Sleep is actually not that bad; it’s just different.  He knows when it’s bed time but he’s still trying to figure out the best way to get to sleep.  Nursing doesn’t work most nights anymore, so bedtime is now a team effort.  This usually means we go through our bedtime routine (nighttime diaper, pjs, toothbrushing, sometimes a book), nurse a bit, and then if he is not falling asleep with me Joe steps in to lay down with him until Jack squirms himself to sleep.  The whole process from start to finish is probably 45 minutes or so.  Not too bad.  Things have been a bit interrupted by some canine’s coming in, but it’s still better than the first year of his life.  Of course, the 18 month sleep regression is around the corner.  Perhaps this chaotic sleep is an indication that it has already started, or perhaps things are about to get much, much worse.

As far as food goes, I have gotten in the habit of offering food often and I don’t get bent out of shape if Jack refuses.  Joe is having more trouble with this, and I am frustrated by that.  Right now the internal struggle is: do I just do it myself (preparing food, writing “instructions”), or do I push Joe to figure it out?  I am unsure how to approach this without causing some hurt feelings.  Changes do have to be made, though, because Jack and I are ready to move away from the breastmilk reliance.

Next week is the last week Jack is at his current daycare.  We decided to wait it out rather than switching Jack for a few short weeks, and it hasn’t been too bad since various life happenings have resulted in only 1-2 days per week there.  There are moments when I really want to throttle the daycare provider (like the day Jack was sent home with damp clothes from a milk spill that she didn’t even notice and he stank of sour milk – she is freaking oblivious!) but with only a few days left until Joe’s seasonal furlough, the end is in sight.  Then we start the process all over again with a new, and hopefully better, situation in February.

I haven’t read a parenting book in quite a while.  I am walking blindly forward and for once I’m not completely freaked out by that (I really like the toddler phase!).  Anyone want to clue me in on what I can look forward to in the coming months?  Or suggest a nice book for toddler rearing?

[Lastly – I am off to Seattle in a few hours for the weekend.  You may not hear from me until next week!]

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  1. Ha ha. I’ve never had my kids in daycare, I can’t help with that. Food I am intimately acquainted with. My daughter doesn’t eat unless she wants to. She’s the last one so I know not to push. I just let her eat when she is hungry. I think kids are a lot like adults. My husband eats 3 times a day and is happy with that. I snack all day and can’t eat a full meal if I tried. I don’t like to. Why do we believe children should eat 3 squares and two snacks if they have different eating patterns? As long as she eats enough and isn’t losing weight or the doc doesn’t see a concern, I don’t worry. My boys, well, they eat non stop. I have to curb them. I have to trade candy for fruit and juice for water.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a parenting book. My children vary so much I don’t think there is a book that can help. I have learned some things. Schedules keep you and toddler sane. Don’t be too rigid with them but be consistent. For my first son I made a visual chart because he is sensory. He had to see what we were doing day to day. His schedule couldn’t change. The second one was more relaxed and still is. He likes routine but will flex when need be. He is auditory. I would have to tell him step by step what we are doing. My daughter just goes with the flow. She doesn’t care as long as she has us with her.

    The best way to survive toddlers is to keep them busy and fulfill their curiosity. If you need any ideas I’m full of them. I just bought a paint stamp set for my 4 yr old! He had a blast. I also made this stuff called oobleck. It’s cornstarch and water. It is liquid until you press on it. Then it turns to a solid. It is cool. Or you can get a bucket of water take several objects and see if they sink or float. Toddlers are fun.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to stop by and read my adventures. I don’t always write about the kids but on occasion I’ll post updates.

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