Santa Claus has come to town

The way I survive the working day is to NOT THINK about Jack.  Harden my heart and all that, ya know?  But it’s extremely hard when Santa is here and everyone (except me) has brought their kids in to see him!  Giggles and cries and Daddy! and Mommy! and all of those little voices floating to my ears.  They all suddenly sound like Jack and I miss him so much!

It doesn’t help that I saw him only briefly yesterday when I nursed him to sleep before departing for the ballet.  Oh, and a few times during the night when he sat upright in bed and said “hello!” before nursing a bit and then saying “night night!” and laying down again.

As if that wasn’t enough, Santa is usurping the Mom’s Room to change in and out of costume.  I understand that Santa has needs, but why is the bathroom not sufficient?  A mama’s gotta pump, especially when said mama has a rather painful plugged duct!

One thought on “Santa Claus has come to town”

  1. You could just go pump WITH Santa! LOL See if he freaked out or something. WHY that room and not the bathroom though … so weird.

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