Budding Artist

In case you were wondering (and thanks to Parent Hacks for the information), baby wipes will clean crayon off of a surface painted with glossy or semi-gloss paint (such as white kitchen cabinets and drawers), no spattula scraping required.  Note that baby wipes alone do not work on the eggshell paint that is perhaps covering your walls.

Oh, and despite how safe you may feel when your child is standing quietly by your legs while you cook dinner, pay attention when you hear a mysterious scraping sound.

As you may have surmised, Jack has taken a liking to crayons (or, as my brother-in-law says, “crawns” which rhymes with prawns apparently – he claims Virginia roots).  He has mostly stopped chewing on the crayons and now colors with wild abandon in the coloring books we provide.  Or, ya know, cabinets and walls.  He perhaps got the idea that it was okay to draw on other surfaces when he was gifted bath crayons by his aunt and uncle…okay, I admit it, I put them on his wish list.  I’m sure it’s not my only parenting mistake!

After the home decorating incident I put the crayons away (note to self: child must be supervised while in posession of art supplies) and Jack desolved into tears, pointing at the counter top where I had stashed them and moaned “culee, culee!”  We compromised by giving him a bath so he could play with crayons there.  His dance of excitement while the water was filling the tub was priceless.  It was possibly the longest bath he has ever taken.

Methinks I need to stock up on magic eraser.

5 thoughts on “Budding Artist”

  1. Oops! I didn’t even think about the bath crayons having that effect…but I suppose it makes sense. I guess we can’t expect him to understand the difference between the two types of crayons. But at least I know he enjoys our Christmas present! 🙂

  2. I was all excited about bath crayons until my hubby pointed out that potential consequence. Sigh. Now I have to tell him he was right…

  3. You could also get those colour explosion or whatever ones that only work on the special paper. It might not be as much fun, and part of me wonders what kind of nasty stuff is in them, but it’s a possibility.

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