Not so good books

I wrote about our favorite books and I figured I should follow up with the ones we dread.  Joe has even gone so far as to hide some that Jack insists on dragging out repeatedly!

Dr. Seuss – yes, there are several books.  It’s hit or miss; we don’t hate them all but I have soured on Dr. Seuss as an adult.  Hop On Pop is on my hit list (I skip all of the rhyming if I’m forced to read it), and Joe detests There’s a Wocket in My Pocket (citing it as the least creative book ever).  I wouldn’t mind if Fox in Socks went up in flames, either.  Clearly, we don’t like rhyming books!  Oh, and I have always hated The Cat in the Hat.  That damned trouble maker cat stresses me out!

Catch the Moon by Elizabeth Mitchell – I won’t share the mean things we say about this book but I will say that it tries to rhyme and fails miserably.  The author must have been under the influence of something.  The abrupt ending is bizarre, as well.  Jack seems to like it, though.

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown – It’s just…too long and repetitive.  Jack does not have the patience for this one and neither do we. 

A to Z by Sandra Boynton – In my opinion, an A-Z book should teach something but the book is just too off-the-wall so we generally sit looking at the book in bewilderment.  I am linking to the whole set of books we have because it should be mentioned that the illustrations in all of the books are immensely ugly.

Good for Me and You by Mercer Mayer – What’s with the bad grammar, Mercer?

We also have a few mini Richard Scarry books that are like 4 pages long (I could find a link).  The one I particularly can’t stand is “Busy Trucks,” which starts off talking about the vehicles around town and then all of a sudden ends with a birthday party.  Joe says I am too harsh on a book that is so short but, come on, I need a little plot development!  Also, Mr. Frumble is an idiot!

We can’t be the only haters out there.  Share with me your black listed books!

7 thoughts on “Not so good books”

  1. As tired of rhyming books parents get, they are wonderful to instill reading readiness in your child. I thnk my poor father could do Fox in Sox by memory by the time that my son was 14 months old!

  2. I loved Richard Scarry when I was little! LOL

    Evan has this book, Tiki something… It’s about a boy in China with a really long name that almsot drowns in a well because his name was so long his little brother couldn’t say it to tell the adults. The story is horrible and the name is so long I gt tongue twisted every time I read it!

  3. My Mom used to hide the Dr. Seuss books from us when we were little. 🙂 I think she liked reading Richard Scarry to us but it was definitely the longer books.

  4. Wasn’t that Rikitikitavi? Or was that a different book?

    I have to agree on the Sondra Boyton A-Z and the Doggies books. Otherwise, I do like the other ones that she has. I, however, love rhyming books because they are easily memorized and thus easy to read along with for the kids. Plus, it teaches an appreciation for meter and poetry. IMO, anyway.

    I am sure that there are books that I don’t like, but I can’t think of any right now.

  5. Kait, I pretty much detest poetry so that would explain why I don’t care for the rhyming books. I just don’t *get* it – it’s not pretty to me and I just don’t see the point!

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