BPA-Free Bottles and Sippies

Tiffany at Nature Moms Blogs has several posts I thought I would point out to those parents out there concerned about BPA in plastic baby products.  I have written about this a little bit but Tiffany’s posts are much more in depth:

Bottles (For you breastfeeding moms, keep in mind that many of the slimmer nipples offered with glass bottles are counter-recommended due to the possibility of nipple confusion.  Some babies don’t care but many are very particular!)

Sippy Post #1

Sippy Post #2

In our house, we have the Avent Naturally sippy, the Born Free sippy, and the Sigg water bottle.  Jack doesn’t like the Avent except for chewing purposes.  He loves both the Sigg and the Born Free, though he turns the Sigg upside down to drip water everywhere and he has recently chewed the spout on the Born Free so much that it is starting to split.  We also have some random straw sippy that he completely ignores.  (And, for those of you wondering why my 18 month old is still using a sippy, well, we have tried cups again and again and first he chokes on the fast flow and then he dumps the whole cup of liquid on himself.  He’s just not ready!)

By the way, I usually share these types of posts in my google reader widget down to the right on my page (check it out!) but I see many “BPA” searches lead to my blog, so I thought I would point my readers in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “BPA-Free Bottles and Sippies”

  1. I read a great article back in the middle of the night while trying to adapt to the whole baby thing that talked about the position of the bottle being another way to help – keeping the baby upright and the bottle horizontal so the baby still has to work at getting the milk, rather than having baby reclined and gravity helping out so much.

  2. Dawn, I think the tip to which you are referring has more to do with slowing the feeding time to mimic a breastfeeding session and so that the baby eats less since they don’t have as much control with a bottle nipple as with the breast. Nipple confusion generally comes in when the sucking pattern changes due to different mouth positioning around an artificial nipple. At least, that is what I gleaned from the reading. And, it’s probably a crapshoot anyway!

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