Back to Normal

Our household is recovered.  Yay!!!  Jack seemed like he would never get well and then BAM!  He’s totally back to normal.

I’m stressing about his food intake, though.  Before he got sick he was hardly drinking any expressed breastmilk during the day, and only sips water.  Now he’s cut out milk completely.  Joe has tried sippies, straws, bottles and none of them seem to persuade him.  That may be okay since I nurse at least 3-4 times each day but he is not eating enough solid foods, either.  The best I can tell, he is getting maybe 400 calories a day from solids.  In total he needs about 1300 calories a day.  I estimate he gets about 400 from me but it’s (obviously) hard to say.  He used to be in the 85 percentiles for height and weight, but has dropped down to about the 30th.

We are visiting his pediatrician next week for his 18 month check up but I’m nervous because this is the first time I don’t feel confident about Jack’s intake.  I don’t have much trust for doctors and this one has never seen us before.  There isn’t anything we could be doing differently, though, so I know I shouldn’t worry so much.  Perhaps it is a phase, or maybe it will get better when he is back at daycare with a real schedule and other kids around encouraging him to do what they are doing.

Other than that, we’re spending our time talking about colors a lot.  With Jack’s recent discovery of crayons, he is fairly obsessed.  It’s not enough, though, to color by himself.  No, he wants to watch US color.  We’ve been pointing out the names of colors (last night we had a lesson about the colors of his diapers) and he’s been adding to his vocabulary.  So far his favorite is definitely yellow.

We’ve also been reading counting books and Jack pretends to count constantly.  It’s pretty damned cute when he randomly says, “two…twee…fah…”  I *think* he is starting to figure out the correct order but it’s hard to say.  Last night I showed him  how to hold  up the number of fingers but that is going to take a ton of practice.

It’s fascinating to me to see how kids learn.  I truly am amazed at how human beings function.  As I was sitting in a meeting at work today, I looked at the presenter and pictured him as a child learning the basics of math.  It was then that it hit me that someday Jack is going to grow up and be an expert on something.  It’s going to be so weird!

3 thoughts on “Back to Normal”

  1. What blows my mind is that someone in the past thought up math. Thought up math! How is that possible! Anyway, good for you guys getting better.

    I hope that your new Dr. will give you some advice about getting some food into Jack. That must be distressing.

  2. Toddlers are all over the place with food and growth. Little Red is three and there are still days when he doesn’t eat more than a piece and a half of bread, and other days (like yesterday) when I’m constantly cooking more for him. I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m not really about the numbers, but the behaviours. If he’s got the energy and attitude he always had, then he’s fine. If he’s lethargic, weak, or suddenly a lot more grumpy than before, then I’d be worried.

    My husband stresses constantly about how much Little Red eats. The more he openly stresses about it, the less the little guy will eat. If I serve his food, then ignore it while I eat mine, he’s much more likely to eat. End of story.

    Every child is different, of course, and only you know what’s best.

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