Daycare Struggles

We are fully immersed in the daycare search again.  Things don’t look good so far.  I have been scouring the internet and local parenting groups for information on openings in my town and I even put in a request through my work’s employee assistance program to help us.  All of this has yielded only two possible daycare options (and we are waiting for one of them to call us back).  Obviously, we only need one but I don’t like the odds here.

We did find a seemingly great daycare a few weeks ago, and then we all got sick and someone else scooped up the spot while we sat at home shivering in our sweaters.  There was another option that came up but the hours didn’t work out and even if they had I was too nervous about the woman’s attitude toward potty training (she was SURE Jack would be potty trained in a matter of weeks and she had not even met us yet!).  Yikes.

I thought that finding daycare for an infant was hard.  And in general it is harder since there are strict quotas for the number of infants in a daycare.  For some reason, though, the openings we are seeing are for kids under 18 months.  It’s just our luck that whatever type of care we are looking for is exactly the type that is in short supply.  Somehow I thought this would be less of a problem in a more highly-populated area but right about now Humboldt is looking a little better.

Joe is visiting a daycare today, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

2 thoughts on “Daycare Struggles”

  1. So funny!! Up here, Laura and I went to like 4 daycares today, 3 preschool types, and one at home. All of them had waiting list!! For atleast a year!! Even one was like “Well, we enroll in December for students for the following September, and we’re booked.” It was crazy!!! And he’s only 16 months!!

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