18 Month Well Baby

I’m not sure why this happens every time we visit the pediatrician, but I forget to ask all of the questions I have saved up.  I even wrote questions down this time and didn’t ask them.  Stage fright, I guess.

Jack is 26 lbs. (he got on the big person scale!) and 32″.  He has dropped percentiles and is now totally average at the 49th (down from the 85th).  Since I forgot to ask about whether a mere 1 pound gain in 6 months was a concern, I sent an email off to the pediatrician when I got to work.  The doctor replied to say that the one pound gain is low and recommended we feed Jack more dairy and legumes.  Nothing I didn’t know there…very helpful, doc.  I can offer, but I can’t make the boy eat.  I particularly like the part where the pediatrician said “his weight is still within normal limits.”  He must have forgotten that the entire growth chart is “normal limits.”  He also suggested giving Jack whole milk…forgetting apparently that breastmilk is whole milk, and also the part where we talked about how Jack won’t drink anything other than a few sips of water (in addition to the 3-4 nursing sessions a day).  Can you tell I’m not impressed with the ped?

We got caught up on immunizations (apparently Kaiser has a more aggressive immunization schedule than our previous pediatrician’s office, so we were “behind”) and it actually wasn’t too bad.  Jack only cried for a minute and then the nurse distracted him with a star sticker.  We refused the chicken pox and flu vaccines.  Being sick with both of those things sucks but it’s not life-threatening.  We will consider chicken pox if he doesn’t catch it before middle school.

Overall I dislike well baby check-ups.  So far they haven’t been helpful at all.  Perhaps that is a sign right there that we are doing just fine on our own.

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  1. You have Kaiser now? I don’t know what they are like up there, but I can’t say enough wonderful things about them down here. They are so fantastic (and I really really love my ped.)
    I really hope you can find a ped you like. It makes such a big difference.

  2. Stupid ped. I don’t even do well-baby visits. Even with our awesome pediatric practice I was totally unimpressed with the visits we had. The doctor was overly concerned about the shape of Sam’s skull (which is, um, exactly like mine), pushy about vaccines, and lectured me about being a few weeks “late” for a check-up. I also received a lecture when Sam was one week old about how I HAD to breastfeed him. I wouldn’t have minded that so very much if I hadn’t been nursing him at the time. Also, Sam caught chicken pox there and the only person who touched him was the nurse.

    I know it sounds like I am being super-reactionary, so I should say that I was uncomfortable with the idea of well-baby visits already, not feeling that there is anything the doctor can tell me about my son’s growth that I can’t see with my own eyes. The bad experiences just reinforced what I was already thinking.

    Obviously since you are vaccinating you’ll need to see a doc for that, and of course if it seems right to you, well-baby visits are not a bad thing. But maybe look for a doctor who’ll actually listen to you and knows something about breastmilk.

  3. ZM – yes, we have Kaiser now since it is the most affordable option. They seem decent here (much better than our previous ped office who always treated us like we were bizarre for coming in at all).

    Annika – I never got regular check ups growing up so I had no frame of reference for well baby stuff but I figured it wasn’t a bad idea. It’s only recently that I found out that many people don’t do well baby check ups and that they tend to be more of a headache than anything. I particularly hate it when the doctors try to give parenting advice.

    I might skip these check ups from now on (especially since he is done with regard to vax) but I need to figure out how to keep an eye on his weight.

  4. Does he register on a bathroom scale these days? You could use one of those to get a rough estimate… just to make sure he’s gaining and such.

    I just wanted to point out (not for you, but maybe for other readers) that chicken pox can possibly a life-threatening disease, but everyone has to chose as to whether they’ll vaccinate or not. There are pros and cons to each side, and each person has to decide which list they are more comfortable with 🙂

  5. Hey girlie!

    I laughed so hard at the post abut the yellow crayon. Too cute.

    I took Charlie to her 2 month vaccine appt but decided againts her 4 month or any after that. In my opinion they really aren’t necessary ( I realize I’m being very controversial here) but after doing some research and following my mommy instincts, I decided against it. Mainly, I couldn’t risk the chance of her having a seizure or worse, dying from complications. The Peds suck, and I try my very best not to go unless absolutely necessary. I miss talking to ya!

  6. hahahahahaha. I just had our 9month and the ped isn’t happy that Alex is 95th percentile height and 25th weight – never mind that my 6’5″ husband who can’t get over 200 pounds was standing RIGHT THERE. Genetics anyone? 🙂

  7. I learned after my first that the well baby check up are prtty much a waste of time. My second has never been to one and so far there isn’t anything that I couldn’t figure out on my own. If he healthy? Is h happy? Is he acting right? Then eh.

    1. We didn’t end up having to make the decision – Jack caught the chicken pox when he was 2.5 years old. He will be vaccinated for it again after chemotherapy treatment is done, though!

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