Ode to Yellow

Jack is rather obsessed with coloring.  I might have mentioned this a couple of times already but it continues to amaze me how single-minded he is about it.  He wakes up and immediately asks about culley, will whine about culley when he is upset, and carries the crayons along with him at all times, drawing on anything in sight.  He is quite deliberate about it, making dark sure scribbles on the paper…or other various items.  Observe:

He sits in this box while coloring it.

Every time he passes by, he adds some color.  Work in progress.

Gossie and Gertie are agast at Jack’s adacity.

Jack thought this end table could use a little color.

This empty ice tray was just asking for it.

“Jack, what color is this?” (holding up red crayon)


“Actually, it’s red.”


“Rrreeeeeddd.  What about this one?” (holding up green crayon)

“Yellow” he points.



“Jack, what color is this one?”  (holding up yellow crayon)


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