Joe interviewed a daycare provider on Friday and called me (which is amazing in itself because he never calls me) at work to tell me how ecstatic he was.  He was downright bubbly!  He emphatically told the daycare YES with the caveat that I would also have to meet them and approve of the place.

The providers were kind enough to meet with us on Saturday afternoon and we spent a good hour there talking and touring the house.  I was very much at ease and the daycare provider answered most of my questions before I even asked them.  Jack did not hesitate to play with all of the toys and interacted with the providers and their son as if he had known them for years.

The location is fabulous – right down the street from our apartment and along my bus route.  The providers are a Brazilian couple who emigrated here twenty years ago.  They started the daycare so that they could stay home with their two sons who are now 9 and 3.  Portuguese and English are spoken in the home, so Jack will learn a little bit of a second language.  Not only is the food home-cooked and focused on vegetables and non-meat sources of protein, but a weekly menu is posted for the parents to see.  That may sound not sound like anything amazing but I am a person who craves details!

It is absolutely settled.  Jack has daycare!  I am so excited for him to get to know these wonderful people and be in their care.  He will love it because they are going to care for him just as we would.  That is all I ever wanted.

4 thoughts on “Settled”

  1. That is great! I do daycare out of my home and I can only hope that people who meet me and walk through my home feel excited like that! I know that those little details, like the menu plan are important 🙂

    And I just wanted to say hello!

  2. Yay! How exciting! I’m so glad for you that you found a place that works out.

    If I had to put Kitten in daycare, I would definitely want to see all those little details like a menu and stuff.

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