Friday tidbits

Jack is so cute.  Last night he got the biggest kick out of helping me do laundry.  He loves to push my rolling laundry cart and throw wet clothes into the dryer.  I’m amazed at how much easier it is to get toddlers to do things when you ask for their help.  He’ll even throw things in the trash for me!

Pretend playing continues to be a hit.  Last night he was pouring from a cup and bowl (both were empty) and pretending to drink from the cup.  I just watched him with amusement.  He still loves talking on the phone, and he has taken to carrying around an old purse of mine.

Jack’s quickly learning how to speak in sentences and it’s kind of unnerving.  “Hi mama” and “it’s cute!” and “I’m tired!”  He also repeats EVERYTHING so I was cracking up last night when he copied me and Joe with awesome, cool, and sure.  Unfortunately he knows how to say shit now, too (that’s one of Joe’s).  I’m surprised it took him 18+ months for that, honestly, because we have terribly dirty mouths.

Music is also big right now.  Recently while riding in the car and listening to the radio, Natasha Bedingfeld came on the station.  Not being a big fan, I turned the station immediately and Jack started FREAKING OUT. At first it didn’t click and we tried to calm him down to no avail…so I changed the station back and he promptly quieted. I was in shock because usually he is a rocker (he is the little king of the Meloik and headbanging) but then he fell asleep and the world made sense again – he wanted something dull on so he could nap!  But he actually does like Britney Spears…

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