No More Pumping!

It’s been a week and a half since I pumped last.  I had been trying to pump less and less but got impatient.  On January 31 I just decided to cut out that last pumping session.  So far I haven’t had any plugged ducts and no cases of mastitis (knock on wood) but I am certainly engorged by the end of the work day.  Twice now I’ve arrived home to find Joe and Jack gone off on some adventure and my mind screamed, “Nooooooooo, they have to come home so I can get some relief!”

So, nearly 18 months of expressing under my belt and I’m no longer running off every few hours to read while listening to the rhythmic hum of the pump motor and the drip drip drip of milk filtering into collection bottles.  I won’t miss that pump one bit, although there was a time I welcomed a pumping schedule over a nursing one.  After 6 weeks of being home with Jack establishing our breastfeeding relationship while dealing with thrush, latch issues, and oversupply, pumping for a couple of 15-minute sessions per day was a piece of cake.  If Jack would actually drink any milk at all these days, I would probably keep at it for a while longer because it’s easier to continue pumping than it is to stop.  I only have so much freezer space, though, and (obviously) no reason to keep pumping!

I have my fingers crossed that my my milk supply will adjust soon but past experience tells me I might have to make use of cabbage and peppermint tea.  At the moment I am feeling lazy and celebratory.  I am happy to be out of the pumping stage.
Here’s to 18 months (give or take, via Kellymom)!platinum-breastpump1.jpg

4 thoughts on “No More Pumping!”

  1. That’s so awesome!
    I hated pumping, did it infrequently and haven’t done it in over a year.
    But each time my daughter’s “given up” a feeding, and I’ve had to adjust the boobs, I’ve found that hand expressing a bit over the sink helps ease the pressure. Good luck!

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