New Daycare Anxiety

Jack started his new daycare today.  I left for work before he was even awake, and Joe dropped him off.  I have been guarding my cell phone all day in case something were to go wrong but it’s been silent.  I know I can call and check to see how he is doing, but I have always resisted doing that.  I think it’s my own peculiar way of staying focused on work at work (uh, blogging aside) so that I don’t miss him so much during the day.

I wish I were the one picking Jack up today!  I am dying to hear what/how he ate, whether he napped, and if he cried when Joe left.  I want to know that everything was just fine so that I can relax and stop worrying that maybe we’ll have to find another daycare!  There is no reason to think that this one won’t be great but we have been burned so many times that it’s hard not to worry.  I am counting down the time until I get home to see my little boy!

(Full update tomorrow on our trip.  It went very smoothly!)

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