Daycare transition

Trasitioning to a new daycare is tough.  It doesn’t matter how great the daycare is.  In the early days it was easier but only because Jack couldn’t communicate and slept a lot more.  He nursed a lot after I picked him up but that was it.  These days, not only does he nurse more but he is extremely emotional and has to be in constant contact with Joe or me when we get home.

Last night we got nothing done.  Jack threw several tantrums when:

  • I put the stroller away when he wanted to climb on it
  • we made him lay still while I changed his diaper
  • I set him down because he wouldn’t stop wiggling on my lap
  • I tried to keep him in bed to go to sleep
  • Joe put his new markers (the magic kind that only color on special paper – thanks, Grandma Darla!) away because he was sucking on the tip

Those are the only ones I can remember but I am sure there were more.  Jack has this nasty habit of banging his head when he is tired or upset and he did it several times last night, leaving a red mark on his forehead.  In reading my child development book I learned that this is not uncommon and most head-bangers have increased sensitivity, musical ability, and even intelligence.  Weird!

We went to bed at 9 last night (although I tried to get Jack in bed multiple times before that because he was obviously exhausted).  Our apartment is a mess, we still haven’t unpacked, and we are dangerously close to running out of clean diapers but it sure felt good to go to sleep early.

So, the new daycare transition is going as well as can be expected.  The first day was rough, with Jack crying a bit and refusing to eat anything other than goldfish crackers, but the second day went much more smoothly with smiles and more eating.  The boy loves corn apparently (at home he only plays with it).  He managed to nap well both days so far, as well.

I’m really hoping that we can stay with this daycare for years.  This is Jack’s fifth daycare in 18 months and it surely has been an emotional roller coaster.  I have my fingers crossed that this is the last transition he has to make until preschool, at least.

4 thoughts on “Daycare transition”

  1. We’ve got our fingers crossed here, too! I hope this is it for daycares!

    (Little Red was a head-banger right before his birthday. I had read it was normal for this reason or that reason. Then he was bombarded with new toys and the behaviour stopped forever. Boy did I feel like a bad mother! turns out he was just bored.)

  2. Poor little guy. Hopefuly he’ll adjust to this daycare quickly and you won’t have to change to a new one any time soo. It’s got to be hard with so much change.

  3. I found your blog through the comments on I am very interested in your transition experience, as my 17 month old daughter is changing from a “learning center” day care to a “preschool,” the week after next. In both cases, I think at this age they’re just daycare under different names, but anyway…. She really loves the current place, and so do I, but the new place is closer, part of our synagogue, and she will stay in this school through Kindergarten, so there will be some consistency to her life from here on. Still, it took a few months for her to get comfortable at the current place, and I am concerned about how the transition process will go.

    So, thank you for the snapshot into your little guy’s experience.

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